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Many years ago, telephone directory used to be an important item at home to know each and every phone number in the city. Nowadays, they are obsolete and business listing sites in India serve the purpose now. These websites consist of all the business information of a particular region with their contact information. Right from the beginning of internet business directory has been very important.

What are Business Listing Sites in India?

Business listing sites in India and Business directory in India are public business profiles containing Name, Address, phone Number, Website name, working hour’s etc. details.

History of Business Listing Sites in India

Business listings sites in India and Business directory in India were a way to gather information before the invention of search engines like Yahoo, Google etc. With invention of internet, every business started having their website and business listings started serving as a database of these websites.

History of Free Classifieds Sites in India

Same way, free classifieds sites or free classified ads online replaced radio advertising or other conventional forms of advertising which used to burn deep holes in the pocket.

Choosing Free Business Listing Sites In India

There are millions of business listing sites, business directory sites and one can post free classifieds online, post free ads online. Listing on just every site is foolishness and take care of following things:-

1. Non Spammy Websites

Avoid websites with annoying and irrelevant ads everywhere and with no relevant information. Avoid listing on such business listing sites in India.

2. Good Domain Authority

Try to go on those business listing sites in India with with high domain authority which will help boost your credibility. We have listed top 50 business listings in India with 40 or higher domain authority.

3. Do-follow Links

Try getting do-follow link adding more credibility to your website.