Where do I start the company research?

You have many platforms to perform the online company search to get the complete company information. listbull India and quicker search bar are the most commonly used platform for free company search. But the best place to start is the listbull India. It provides complete company details and updates for all the events happening in the company over the year.

What are the need to perform a company name search –

The organization name quest will help you for settling on a bonafide choice. You can determine the availability of the name you want to register for your company with Registrar of Companies. The company master data you obtain through the company search will give you an insight of the management which will be helpful for making a well-informed decision

What time is good to register a company?

Generally, the best time to register a company is first thing in the morning on a week day – the earlier you submit the application form, the quicker it should be processed and approved. However, Monday morning is often quite busy due to the backlog of company registration applications received over the weekend, which is worth bearing in mind. In any case, most incorporation are approved on the same day.

Why would company formation be delayed or rejected?

It is often the smallest of errors and oversights that delay company formation or cause Companies House to reject an application. However, due to built-in checks, the online application form greatly minimizes the risk of making mistakes.

The most common culprits of delayed or rejected company registration include:

Proposed company name is already taken or it is too similar to an existing name on the register

Proposed company name contains a ‘sensitive’ word

Providing initials, rather than full forenames, of the individuals listed on the application

Essential information is missing from the application

Failing to provide registered office details.

Listing a registered office that is not in the same country as company formation

Misspelling an individual’s nationality

Stating an individual’s ethnicity, rather than nationality

Wrong memorandum or articles of association

Director is under the age of 16

Director is a disqualified bankrupt

Appointing a corporate body as the sole director

Appointing a disqualified director

Incorrect share structure

Providing incorrect date of birth and/or residential address.

To avoid disappointment and ensure a successful company registration, check the availability of your company name, ensure that you have included all of the information required to register a company, and review the application carefully before submitting it online to Companies House.

By checking applications for errors, we dramatically reduce the average rejection rate of new company applications in the UK, from 8%, to just 1%.

What’s more, if a company is rejected, we will fix the problem and re-submit the application.

Set up a company online today

At Quality Company Formations, you can set up a limited company online, choosing from a range of company formation packages from as little as ………….rs  plus VAT.

All packages include the ………..rs  filing fee charged by Companies House, a free .com or .co.in domain name for the first year, a business bank account (optional), a pre-submission review and a full set of company formation documents including share certificate(s) delivered by email.

What are the areas I can analyse for the company data ?

When you locate the solid ace information data of the organization, like:

How long has the company been in business?

Has the company been profitable over the past few years?

Is any charge to creating the name of our company?

What information is showing on every company master data record?

Company data search includes the following data:

Company basic information

Company network

Contact information


Company Charges


Events, i.e. any activity happened over the year